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Onboard Passenger Surveys

RVTD staff will be collecting rider responses using an onboard survey the week of February 5th-10th. The survey provides information on demographics and trip characteristics such as whether the trip is for work, school or shopping. RVTD uses the information to present to the public, elected officials and also for planning purposes and grants. The surveys are collected every three years. The last survey was completed in April 2015, just prior to a large service decrease. Since then service has been resumed and a property tax was approved to provide two new routes and additional service on routes. RVTD is anticipating several trends from the recession to change because of the new routes and with the economy improving in recent years. A report will be available later in the spring.

Riders who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle for $100 gift certificate and each person will receive a free one-ride TouchPass ticket.
For more information call 541-779-5821.