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RVTD 2040 Transit Master Plan

Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) has begun a process to review the transit services and facilities provided in the Rogue Valley service area with the purpose of identifying near-, mid-, and long-term transit service enhancements. Once developed, the "2040 Transit Master Plan" will provide RVTD Board of Directors, managers, and staff a framework for providing transit and related services to the Rogue Valley. It will be the only plan in Jackson County dedicated to transit and is intended to be used by RVTD to identify new services, further policy discussions, and ensure the new STIF transit funds are used beginning in 2019. The plan will be adopted by the RVTD Board in the spring of 2019.

The 2040 Transit Master Plan website can be found at www.rvtd2040transitplan.com.
A project fact sheet can be downloaded here.

Public involvement is encouraged with virtual and online open houses, public meetings, an interactive map and surveys.

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