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RVTD Seeks STIF Advisory Committee Members

Community members are being requested to volunteer for a new Advisory Committee to recommend transit service projects to the RVTD Board of Directors. The new Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) provides additional funds for transit services statewide. STIF may be used for public transportation purposes that support the operations, planning and administration of public transportation programs including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Creation of new systems and services with origins, destinations or stops in Oregon;
  • Maintenance or continuation of systems and services in certain circumstances; and
  • Planning for and development of a Local Plan or future STIF Plan to improve public transportation service.
  • Additionally, STIF funds may be used as the local match for state and federal funds which also provide Public Transportation Service.
  • Goals of HB 2017 are to expand access to jobs, improve mobility, relieve congestion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Special focus on low-income populations.
The RVTD Board of Directors will appoint members to a STIF Advisory Committee (STIFAC) to review potential STIF-funded projects and the prioritized list for recommending to the RVTD Board. The Advisory Committee will meet at least two times per year.
RVTD will be overseeing and administering the STIF Advisory Committee. The bylaws were adopted in September 2018. Member applications are available now and due by November 12, 2018. The RVTD Board will review applications at consider appointments at the RVTD Regular Board meeting on November 28, 2018. The first meeting is scheduled for January 2019 (date, time and location to be determined) and will be open to the public.
To download a STIFAC Member Application CLICK HERE

For more information about STIF and the RVTD Planning process CLICK HERE