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New 1X Express Bus Service Coming September 16th

Express Route 1X coming on Monday, September 16th!

The New 1X will be an Express route between Medford and Ashland. The 1X Express takes a typical one-hour trip on the Route 10 down to only 30 minutes by using I-5 and limiting stops to four key locations within Ashland: Ashland Community Hospital, Downtown Plaza, SOU and Tolman Creek Rd. This Route is in ADDITION to the Route 10, the Route 10 will continue to operate unchanged.

Faster boarding is also a key component of making the Express work, so the route will be ‘cashless’. ONLY TouchPass e-fare products, available on a fare card, QR code, or a mobile app on phones, will be taken on the Express. Schedules are available at Front Street Station.

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