Go Vets

Go Vets is an RVTD program here to help local Veterans learn about transportation options and connect to the services you need to sustain a happy and healthy life. Our goal is to connect Veterans to employment, education, medical, recreational, and social opportunities and services through an engaging and customized approach.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2018 Go Vets program! While we will no longer be handing out Go Kits or free bus passes through the Go Vets program, we would love to help you with any other transportation problems you may have. Thank you for your participation in the program!

Go Vets Travel Training

The Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) Travel Training program was developed by Veterans for Veterans. The program is open to Veterans who want to learn to travel safely and independently using public transportation.

What is Travel Training?

Travel training is a FREE self-paced process where a Veteran, regardless of ability or age, can learn to ride RVTD’s fixed-route system and learn about transportation options like bicycling, walking, and carpooling.

Pedals for Patriots: Veterans Bike Assistance Program

The Pedals for Patriots program helps Veterans that cannot afford a car or any form of transportation gain independence of mobility. This program gives bikes to these Veterans that need a mode of transportation. The bikes that are given away are all donations, most of the bikes are given by local police departments. We have also received many bikes from the VA SORCC in white city, as well as people who have heard about the program and wanted to help. We have given away around 50 bikes to Veterans. Our goal with this program is to get Veterans who need a form of transportation something that costs them no money and will give them that sense of independence we all need in life.

Contact Go Vets:
Program Email: govets@rvtd.org

Bryan Simpson
Veterans Travel Trainer
(541) 608-2423

Go Vets