RVTD Board Governance

​RVTD is governed by a seven-member board of directors elected to four-year terms.   RVTD board Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:45pm at the Jackson County Courthouse.  Rogue Valley Community Television televises the RVTD Boards on RVTV Civic, both on cable (Charter Channel 181 and Ashland Home Network Channel 14) and streaming on this website.  


May 29, 2019 Board Meeting: Please note that the May 22 Board Meeting has been rescheduled to May 29th.

The current board members are listed as follows:

Position     Board Member                        Term Expires
#1               Tom Fink                                    06/30/2019
#2               Bill Mansfield                            06/30/2019
#3               Tonia Moro, Chair                    06/30/2019
#4               Vacant                      
#5               Sarah McGlaughlin                  06/30/2021
#6               Dan Davis, Vice Chair              06/30/2021
#7               Kevin Keating                            06/30/2021